Labour Market Impact Assesment(LMIA)

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

LMIA is an abbreviation for labour market impact analysis. This is a document that ESDC is releasing (Employment and Social Development Canada). This purpose is to evaluate the impact of hiring foreign workers in Canada. A positive LMIA will show that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is on hand to fill this post. To fill this position, the company may do so by hiring a foreigner. A negative LMIA, on the other hand, signifies that a Canadian citizen or permanent resident must fill a particular position.

No foreign national may submit an LMIA application since Canadian employers must do so. Depending on the NOC and salary of the applicant, the application process may change. Employers must determine whether this position pays a high or low wage by looking at the median hourly wages in their respective jurisdictions. Applications must show proof of meeting the following requirements since low-wage occupations have additional requirements.

CAD 1000 processing charge that is not refundable (few exemptions are offered)

  • Transition strategy
  • Business registration papers
  • proof of recruitment efforts
  • Pay information for TFW
  • Evidence of good business practices and workplace safety

Before hiring somebody for that particular position, the employer must wait for the decision to be issued. However, if the LMIA is positive, the employer can continue. Employers have a second route they might go when making an employment offer (AEO). Although it has some restrictions, it is helpful for applicants who want to immigrate.

Arrangements for Employment

Arranged Employment means having a verified employment offer from a Canadian company that has been certified by the ESDC as qualifying for the Federal Skilled Worker Program or Federal Skilled Trades Program in Express Entry permanent immigration.

Arranged Employment is worth 15 points on the FSW selection grid. Furthermore, the Arranged Employment Offer is worth 50 points for NOC O, A, or B and 200 points for NOC OO on the CRS. IRCC processes applicants with pre-arranged jobs within six months.