Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Provincial nominee programmes (PNPs) in Canada provide a road to Canadian permanent residency for those who wish to immigrate to a specific Canadian province or territory.Through the Provincial Nominee Programs, provinces and territories in Canada can nominate people who desire to immigrate to Canada and live in a specific province (PNP).

Canada wants to accept approximately 80,000 immigrants per year under the PNP. Each Canadian province and territory has its PNP that is tailored to its own economic and demographic requirements.

Every province and territory in Canada has its provincial government. Nominee Program (PNP) adapted to their specific economic and demographic needs. Because programm requirements and application procedures vary greatly between provinces, applicants should check with each to see if they are eligible.

Provinces and territories in Canada can nominate people and families who want to settle in their province or region based on criteria established by the province. Each province and territory determine the eligibility criteria for Provincial Nominee Programs. Each province has its own set of eligibility conditions. PNPs use Expressions of Interest (EOI) techniques similar to Express Entry and perform lotteries to invite the top scorers.

Provincial nominee programs can help with:
  • Candidates that do not match the basic requirements for a Canadian PR visa.
  • Applicants who do not earn a sufficient (CRS) score are invited to participate in the Express Entry Pool to progress to the final round.

The Canadian PNP programme lets provincial governments choose the immigrants they require for their province or territory. It also gives applicants the option of becoming permanent residents. You have a better probability of receiving an Invitation to Apply if you have a qualified Provincial nomination (ITA). You can apply for a Permanent Residency visa after receiving the ITA.